Luxury Cashmere Throws



Accademia Firenze makes a full line of cashmere throws, blankets, scarves, mantels and wraps that are made of the highest quality Mongolian cashmere. Our cashmere has not been blended with wool, silk, nylon or any other fibers. Thus, our cashmere is light, incredibly soft, and makes for warm, strong knitwear to cherish for many years. Further, our cashmere is machine washable and can be dried flat.


sheering cashmere goatsYou need the cashmere from between three and four goats to make just one cashmere garment. Cashmere is hand combed from each individual goat in the spring. This process allows for the seperation of the finer, longer hairs from the coarser undercoat leaving the goat’s guard hairs intact in order to protect the animal from wind and rain. The price of cashmere depends on three factors: the length of the hair, the width of the hair, and its texture. The longer and finer the goat hair the more expensive the cashmere. Natural cashmere colors include the shades of black, gray, brown and white. However, cashmere may be dyed to achieve a wide variety of beautiful colors. To view an assortment of colors please visit our bespoke section.