About Us

Family Founded

Accademia Firenze is a family owned business that has been operated since 1952. Back then the company’s pioneer rode his bicycle some 56 miles from the Tuscan city of Pistoia to the port of Livorno where he took a ferry to Sardinia to show clients fabric samples. Today, the third generation of the family continues the business with the same dedication. While times have certainly changed since then, especially with regards to modes of travel, we continue to meet clients in Italy and abroad. Personal meetings are important to us so we may cater exactly to your needs and you are able to see first hand the superior quality of our products. Accademia Firenze uses only the finest raw materials to create our own cotton, linen, silk and cashmere in our Italian workshops. All of our products are finished by hand and made to your specifications. The company logo is united under the family crest, a Medieval shield, and the Florentine fleur-de-lys which are symbols that reference the experience of a family that has been investing in quality and excellence for generations.

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